5 Key Social Media Metrics and Priorities Your CEO Cares About


pammarketingnut.com – Many business leaders, social and digital marketers are finding it hard to get buy-in and approval from their c-suite for their social media programs.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

You can’t get your social marketing budget approved.
You are not getting buy-in across the organization for your social business program.
Your CEO, COO, CTO and most executive stakeholders have shut down your employee advocacy program.
You don’t know where to go next as you just keep hearing no, no, no.
If these are your struggles with regard to your social media marketing or social business program then you definitely want to take a listen to the 169th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast as I share with you 5 top social media metrics and priorities your CEO and c-suite cares about most when it comes to social media.

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