5 Ways to Measure the ROI of Customer Love


huffingtonpost.comRobi Ganguly is the CEO of Apptentive, the easiest way for every company with an app to talk with their customers. The Google Ventures-backed company works with major app publishers and enables millions of customer conversations. Prior to Apptentive, Robi worked at Yahoo! and built WebEx’s pricing strategy. When he’s not building Apptentive you can find Robi running, reading and on Twitter @rganguly.

Early on, we decided that what we call “customer love” is a requirement, not an option. For many companies, the goal to treat customers better — to appreciate and listen to them — is important, but hard to justify in the context of a business. Prioritizing something “fuzzy” like customer love is often viewed as a nice-to-have that can’t get the investment it needs because the ROI is too vague. We beg to differ.

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