#Disrupted – A look at HubSpot’s funding and financial history


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Dan Lyons’ book, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble, doesn’t delve too deeply into the awesome funding history of , so in order to help give readers a sense of the money behind the company, we did. Then, to provide a bit of context, we laid it against Marketo, one of the other marketing automation platforms that was (and still is) heavily competing with .

According to the book’s summary, was “flush with $100 million in venture capital,” and VCs were basically shooting dollar bills out of a cannon at the startup. The full story is that raised $100 million over the course of six-plus years during six different rounds—a pretty regular cadence and normal level of funding for a company of size. Marketo took a nearly identical but even faster path to both the $100 million it raised and its IPO.


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