Work the Plan


floridatrend.comEvery new business has its origins in a dream. The ones that are actually launched and go on to succeed also have a written plan. And while nothing pumps you up quite like sharing your enthusiasm for the dream with friends, family and anyone else you choose to tell, you will need more than bravado and a big idea to succeed. If you truly want to make your dream a reality and be taken seriously by potential funding sources, you will need to put a formal business plan on paper.

A business plan is a written document describing the nature of your business, how you plan to achieve your specific goals for this business and the profits you expect to gain as a result. Ideally, every business should have a written plan to use as an operational guide and as a tool for communicating its purpose and strategies to others. In that regard, simply putting your thoughts on paper is a useful exercise to help solidify your dream.




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