Moodlepreneur Monday: Create Your Business Model In 30 Minutes


moodlenews.comThere is a lot to be said for proper business planning. It remains, in my mind, still one of the most under appreciated and understood aspects of starting a business venture, especially for those of us who seek to be successful Moodlepreneurs. This is all the more of a conundrum because the planning process can be a fairly painless and fun process – especially if you approach it from an exceedingly practical perspective.

If you’ve spent any time with traditional business leaders, in an MBA or just in the corporate world (especially if you have ever tried to get a loan), you’ll be familiar with the (dreaded) business plan. This is supposed to be a document that defines what your business does and how it does it, what the market looks like, who will manage the business and what your potential revenue and profits could be. As with all great “in the dark” processes, I’ve found that traditional business plans rarely reflect the actual business after the first few weeks after launch and, more importantly, never get used/seen/opened after they’ve been created.




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