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The Lean Startup is a legendary book in technology startup circles and not without good reason. The methods discussed by its author, Eric Ries have created a blueprint that many budding entrepreneurs make avid use of in their quest for success. Indeed, many refer to it as THE Startup Bible. But is it more myth than method?

It has been a few years since I first read this book and it was a revelation. As a consequence of working with numerous fledgling startups and my own personal efforts, many of the concepts presented in this book were already familiar to me, but to my mind, no-one had quite managed to capture a collection of practical startup experiences and describe it as a complete methodology. Eric Ries was presenting a plan by which any competent team should be able to take any half decent idea and turn it into a successful business. This then begs the question:

Why do the vast majority of Lean Startups fail?




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