The 5 Key Metrics that Link Training to Customer Success – Customer Success Software


gainsight.comEven though SaaS company leaders commonly believe that well-trained customers would have high adoption rates, achieve better outcomes, and renew at higher rates, many of these same companies do not offer customer training during the on-boarding process. How can this be? If it is so obvious that training will help customers use software better, why wouldn’t training be as important a part of the customer success process as services and support?

After all, software education thought leaders tell us how important training is. Robert Castaneda, CEO and Founder of ServiceRocket (a Pulse 2015 sponsor) often says, “Training is support before you need it.” Senior vice president of Salesforce University, Wayne McCulloch, talks about how training is critical, “Education has never played a more important part in customer success than in a cloud-based organization.”




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