The Big Reason Why Only 57% of Your Sales Reps Meet Their Quota


huffingtonpost.comWhen I read that only 57.1% of sales reps met their quota in 2015, according to CSO Insights, I knew that the industry was ready for a revolution. Because, let’s face it. 57% just isn’t good–barely better than a coin toss. It isn’t good enough in today’s world where the intense pressure to drive revenue performance, shareholder value, and competitive advantage is higher than ever before–for fast-growth emerging companies, large public ones, and all the businesses in between.

If we all did 57% percent of our jobs, then we would all be fired–which is often the case with salespeople who fail to meet their numbers. But is it really all their fault? Is there something that can be done to increase those odds and create more efficiency and predictability in terms of individual performance and the overall sales forecast? Despite all of the investments made in CRM systems, business intelligence (BI) tools, and other sales productivity tools, the number of reps meeting their quota has only risen 5.3%, from 51.8% in 2009. After 7 years of waiting for these technologies to live up to their promise, I think we can safely say that they have failed to deliver markedly better business performance.




photo CC by Bart Everson


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