The Best Employee Scheduling & Shift Planning Software of 2016


pcmag.comScheduling is a thankless job. It takes time and thought to put the right hourly workers into the right shifts in the right locations so that employees are happy and labor costs don’t overrun sales. Your reward for getting it right? Doing it all over again the next pay period.

At one time, only the biggest organizations could afford software to automate scheduling workers. Then cloud-based services happened. Today, dozens of vendors offer employee scheduling and shift planning software via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which is flexible enough to be used in multiple industries and verticals by companies with as few as five employees or as many as 15,000. Best of all, it costs as little as $1 per month per employee, with discounts available for large workforces or subscribing to a bundle of related services such as general human resources (HR) management or payroll.





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