Why Some SaaS Companies Stall Out at $20m ARR


saastr.comPart of my job when I invest in a start-up is to get folks excited about the company. It’s not that hard. Because I am genuinely excited. Or I wouldn’t make the investment. And part of the picture I try to paint for the The Next Investor is where they’ll be in 12-18 months.

E.g., “Well, RainforestQA is at $5m ARR and has grown 14.20309% a month for the past 5 months and is completely changing the way a $50 billion market does …” [numbers not actual, just for the sample anecdote].

If the growth is there, the company is solid, the market good, and the CEO credible and strong, then usually, there’s just one point of pushback I get.


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